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Dog Walking

Although dogs can be rewarding pets they can be very demanding, they need companionship and regular exercise. It is recommended that dogs should be left no longer then 4-6 hours a day and most households work full time leaving their pet’s for much longer then this. They become bored and may develop behavior problems such as barking, digging and chewing at items in the household, Mucky Paws Dog Walking and Pet Care resolves this problem by walking your dog in the day, feeding or even just giving them a little TLC while you are unable to due to work commitments, health, or any other reason.

I will come to your house and take them for a stimulating walk and play with a small group of dogs in a safe secure environment or individual walks can be arranged. Your dog will then be returned home safely with clean paws and ready for a sleep. We will leave you an “ End of walk sheet ” Informing you about your dog’s walk. If you prefer your dog to be walked alone we can arrange this to meet your pet’s individual needs.

Dog walks are from 9am to 4pm and will last between 45 mins to 1 hour depending on each dog’s needs/weather. All dogs poop is scooped up.

If you require your dog to be let off their leads we will ask that you sign an “off lead” permission slip.
Safety is the most important thing therefore, it is important that your dog shows no aggression towards any other dog or person and is social and pleasant. For safety reasons we cannot take on any dog that shows any sort of aggression towards other dogs or people.

The walks will vary so your dog does not become fed up and unhappy.

If your dog needs walking every day we will ask to keep hold of a set of house keys which will be kept in a safe with no identification of yours on it and will be recognized by a code only.